Battle of Classes Coming Back to RM

The Battle of Classes is finally coming back to RM next week after a long hiatus. The SGA is bringing back the event to spark friendly competition between the classes and put a twist on a classic school tradition. “We wanted to have it because a lot of people miss the field days from the good ol’ days of middle school,” said school-wide SGA Secretary Darian Garcia.

The battle will take place in the RM gym on Friday, April 22 from 6-9 pm. The event will feature many traditional field day activities, including relay races, water pong, kickball, tug of war, and gaga. There will also be a poster competition and a dance-off between RM’s two dance teams. The SGA officers will participate in an obstacle course and soccer.

Students can win awards for Best Chant and Most Spirited. Tickets are $5 so the SGA can raise money for a new Richie the Rocket costume. Food will be provided and the SGA hopes to have food trucks available to cater to students.

Photo by Tide photographer Maddie Franke

All students are welcome to sign up and compete for their grade-level teams. They can do so by either contacting their class officers in advance or signing up on admission to the event. The week of April 18-22 is Spirit Week, which will lead up to the epic battle between the four classes.“This is the first time we’re starting this again after a while, and we want to see if it turns out well. We can maybe continue it in the future, so I’m pretty excited,” said freshman secretary Ananya Krishnan.

The upcoming Battle of Classes will be a great opportunity for students to have a good time with friends and show their class spirit. Students will collaborate with others of the same grade in hopes of winning the class war. The competition will not only bring the students in each grade level together, but it will also encourage interactions between students of different grades.

“It’s just going to be a savage night,” said Secretary Garcia. For a full list of events, see the SGA’s Twitter @rm_sga.

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