Correction to the “Fahrner awaits victory for his team among the courts”

The Tide never knowingly publishes inaccuracies, however, once they arise they will be corrected immediately. It is the wish of all Tide staff to represent their subjects fairly and accurately.

Thus, we issue an apology to Coach John Fahrner and the athletics department for an error in the article entitled “Fahrner awaits victory for his team among the courts” in Volume 42, Issue I (November 2017) of our print edition.

In the third-to-last paragraph, there is this statement: “In fact, the athletic department is in the process of filing a lawsuit against the county to keep separate seasons for boys and girls.”

This is inaccurate. The athletic department has made no such claims and wishes to clearly express that they have no intentions of filing this lawsuit.

We are deeply sorry for the miscommunication and any trouble it could have caused.

The Tide Staff

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